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Giuseppe Bassi (Bari 1971)

Contrabbassista, compositore, autore, documentarista.
Probably the most committed Italian double bass player on an international level.

His music ranges from more traditional jazz to avant-garde, from Funk to classical music.

He began his concert activity in 1988, but starting from 1990 he became assiduous and constant.

He studies and perfects himself with the greatest double bass players in the world, soon drawing inspiration from masters such as Ray Brown and Charlie Haden.

At a very young age, he showed a marked aptitude for composition and soon became the leader of numerous musical projects.

In his career, he has played with some of the greatest jazz musicians in the world, including:
Ute Lemper, Lew Tabackin, Bill Mays, Don Friedman, Bobby Durham, John Hicks, Rashed Ali, Jed Levy, Joe Magnarelli, Helen Sung, Mark Soskin, Bill Goodwin, Billy Drummond, Greg Osby, Mal Waldron, David Liebman, George Garzone , Tony Scott, Harold Danko, Avishai Cohen, Adam Nussbaum, Sumire Kuribayashi etc ...

He has played and recorded with all the most important and representative jazz musicians in Italy: He has played and recorded with all the most important and representative jazz musicians in Italy: Enrico Pieranunzi, Dado Moroni, Roberto Ottaviano, Gegè Telesforo, Roberto Gatto, Stefano Bollani, Francesco Cafiso, Fabrizio Bosso, Gianni Basso, Dino Piana, Franco Cerri, impossible list them all.

Also appreciated in the entertainment world, he has often played with Renzo Arbore.

He carries out an intense concert activity all over the world and is produced by the Japanese label Albore records and by the most important and active record labels in the world of jazz.

It is impossible to list, among the more than three thousand concerts, all the festivals and reviews that have seen him as a protagonist.

The discography of him is conspicuous.

as a leader:

  • “Apaturia” 1995
  • “We’ll be together again” 2002
  • “Totò Jazz” 2003
  • “My Love and I” 2004
  • “MISSION Formosa” 2015
  • “Just You Just Me” 2015
  • “Kind of True” ( Mission Formosa) 2016
  • “Ciao…..Amore” 2018
  • “Atomic Bass” 2020
  • “I Will touch you” 2021

With the record "Apaturia", Giuseppe Bassi is present in the "Penguin" guide written and edited by Richard Cook and Brian Morton who rated the recording as "excellent and original in the international jazz scene," the highest artistic evaluation.
As a sideman, he figures in:

  • “JAZZ AT PRAGUE CASTLE” (2009) con il quartetto di LEW Tabackin,
  • “REMEMBERING SHELLY”( 2010) in due volumi con Roberto Gatto Quintet,
  • “STREET JAZZ UNIT” (1997) con il gruppo omonimo
  • “FAST FLIGHT” (2001)disco di debutto di Fabrizio Bosso,
  • “LOOK OUT” (2000)con Rosario Giuliani, Fabrizio Bosso, Gianluca Petrella ..,
  • “Up Up with Jazz Convention” (1998) con Stefano Bollani.
  • “You are my everything” (2003) con Gianni Basso
  • "SEVEN" (2012) with an exceptional group, composed of: Enrico Pieranunzi on piano, Roberto Gatto on drums, Franco Piana flugelhorn, DINO PIANA trombone, Fabrizio Bosso on trumpet, Max Ionata on sax, Luca Manutza piano.
  • “Sound Briefing” (2012) Il nuovo album di Jazz Convention
  • “inspiration Live” (2014) quartetto Ionata Max
  • “La banda”( 2015), Francesco Cafiso sextet
  • ” Nu Joy” ( 2012) , Gegè Telesforo Band
  • ” Fun Slow Ride” ( 2016) Gegè Telesforo

Bassi taught jazz bass in the academic year 2004-2005 at the Conservatory of Cosenza.

In October 2005 he moved to NEW YORK, joining some of the most important groups of the jazz scene (Lew Tabackin, Joe Magnarelli, Steve Davis, Helen Sung, John di Martino, Peggy Stern, Rashed Ali

devote himself totally to concert activity and today he is one of the best Italian double bass players in the world, the only one requested for international tours by some of the greatest representatives of world jazz.

Lew Tabackin calls him with him on tours and concerts in the United States and Europe: Recently the Lew Tabackin trio with bass on double bass and Gatto on drums played at the London jazz festival from 20 to 23 November 2016.
For the CONCERT DELLA MEMORIA entitled "Colorful Evening", held at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, with direct coverage on Rai, on January 26, 2017, and in Lugano on April 26, 2018, BASSI took care of the musical direction, all the choice of the repertoire and the arrangements of music never performed before, composed by Kurt Sonnenfeld, pianist, musician, composer, prisoner in the Ferramonti concentration camp in Calabria.
In October 2017, Bassi toured Taiwan for the presentation of “Kind of true”, playing at the prestigious Taichung Jazz festival in front of an audience of 60,000 people. At the same time he held a jazz master at TCH Music in Taipei.

Creator of the “ATOMIC BASS” project, he carries out concerts in Japan, Italy and all over the world.

In 2021 Bassi produced , together with Motonokai, a film , shot near the Fukushima nuclear power plant, of which he is the protagonist entitled "Yomigaeru- Rivivere",
directed by Alessandro Trapani.
He currently plays in the projects of the famous actress / singer Ute Lemper and is the leader of a new Soul-Funk band with the presence of the American singer Joanna Teters. The new album will be released very soon.

Co-founder of the new label called Doppio Sugo production.



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Da quando sono divenuto musicista, mi è capitato molto spesso , anche per lunghi periodi, di dover lavorare per strada per riuscire a sostenermi. Per continuare a suonare ho fatto anche un altro lavoro, per esempio il cameriere. Mi capitava a New York, ma mi è capitato anche a Roma. Da qualche parte conservo ancora l’autorizzaIone della polizia con le mie ultime postazioni. Ciò che amavo davvero tanto era l’emozione di quando si avvicinava qualcuno e stazionava per un po’ ad ascoltare il mio contrabbasso. Ma ho suonato con giganteschi musicisti, alcuni secondo me tra i più bravi del mondo. Mi è capitato al Colosseo, come Union Square. Se penso a quanti musicisti incredibili ho incontrato per suonare per strada, non so se basta una

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