The nine lives of the soul

Giuseppe Bassi and the Funklives

Giuseppe Bassi double bass
Johanna Teters voice
Paolo Sessa piano and keyboards
Gianluca Porro drums
Pako Baldassarre alto sax and percussions on tracks 1,2,4,9
Gaetano Partipilo alto sax on tracks 5,7,9
Roberto Ottaviano soprano sax on track 8
Aldo Di Caterino alto flute on tracks 3

An explosion of music that crosses genres, contaminating them in a happy crossroads in which soul and funk color an original listening experience that remains in the memory. This is The Nine Lives of the Soul, the latest album by Giuseppe Bassi, a recognized Bari jazz double bass player, with a new band – the Funklives – which provides the listener with a great contribution of energy and rhythm.

This is the first album entirely produced by the Doppio Sugo Records label, in collaboration with A.MA records, a new reality in the music scene that aims to become a crossroads for different musical and cultural experiences, to create new and original paths of artistic fruition.

The double bass is the glue of every single piece that makes up this work. Together with a jazzy intention in the structure of the songs, melodies interpreted by one of the most talented New York singers of the last generation, Joanna Teters, unfold.

Bassi met Teters at the time of their collaboration on Gegè Telesforo's album Fun Slow Ride and, since then, he has built a solid and fruitful collaboration with the young American performer, of which this recording project represents the culmination.

The FunkLives are, in addition to Bassi and Teters, the pianist and keyboardist Paolo Sessa, the excellent drummer Gianluca Porro and the saxophonist Pako Baldassarre. These exceptional musicians were also joined in the making of the album by some important names in the jazz scene such as Roberto Ottaviano and Gaetano Partipilo on saxophones and the new talent Aldo Di Caterino on flute.

The name of the band - FunkLives - was born from the need to tell the "funky" lives of the musicians present, who have decided to dedicate their lives exclusively to composition and concert activity. After a few years of difficulty, due to the closure of musical spaces due to the pandemic, this album represents a new life, we don't know which of the nine.

The graphic design is by Alberto Maria Franchi, who designed the cat on the cover, and by Delvecchio, Jovanovic, Torre ( The album was recorded at Tommy Cavalieri's Sorriso Studios in Bari, mastering was done by Nico Loporchio at Acustic Sound Studio. The photos are by Gaga Jovanović.

Doppio Sugo Records:
+39 328 4517800

Recorded at Sorriso Studio by Tommy Cavalieri during the late sping/Early summer of 2022
The instrumental parts of tracks 4 and 6 were recorded at Grooving recording Studio by Gianluca Porro
Mixing by Tommy Cavalieri at Sorriso studios | Mastering by Nico Loporchio at Acustic Sound Studio
Artistic director: Paolo Sessa | Technical support: Nicola Farina
Graphic design: Delvecchio – Jovanović – Torre |
The cover features a unique cat with no eyes, created by Alberto Maria Franchi
The beautiful photos inside the booklet are the work of Gaga Jovanović

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